Gem Stone Recommendation

Yellow Sapphire stone

Yellow Sapphire stone is also known as Pukhraj stone. It is one of the most recognized gemstones in Vedic astrology. It is associated with Jupiter Planet as per Indian Astrology. This is very Powerful and beneficial Stone.

Blue Sapphire stone

Blue Sapphire stone is also known as Neelam stone. It is a Precious Stone, Most powerful and fast acting stone. Blue Sapphire brings Wealth, Success and Fame.

Emerald stone

Emerald is a green colour stone. This stone helps to become successful in business and Job. This stone is associated with Planet Mercury. Mercury is associated with Wisdom and Intelligence.

Ruby stone

Ruby is also known as Manik. Ruby has a Deep pink or Blood red colour. This stone is associated with Sun. Sun is the King among the Nine Planets. Wearing Ruby is beneficial for Government Job peoples, Senior Positions or also helps In Business.

Opal stone

Opal is a white colored Colorfull gemstone. Opal is also known as Fired Opal. The Best Opals are Australian Opals for Astrological Purpose. Opal helps in instant marriage, beauty, Love life, Luxury, Jewelry and refinement of the senses.

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